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Review: Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800

TechJunkeez Gear | February 2012

It has always been the same story throughout man’s history. Whenever something or someone gained too much power, someone, somewhere, was plotting their downfall. Nokia experienced this cruel sequence of history firsthand. Still, it looks like this old, rugged dog can learn new tricks. They’ve finally accepted the defeat of their Symbian OS and moved on with a Microsoft deal to use the Windows Phone 7 OS. The Lumia 800 is the first child of this affair.

Certainly looks the part

Nokia’s problem never was the build quality or design of their products. It was always the weak processing power and the ancient Symbian OS. With both of those obstructions shattered, the Lumia 800, on paper, should be a flawless phone. This might very well be Nokia’s resurrection; and it should be.

Nokia have gone to great lengths to achieve the highest build quality possible, making the detail and care given to each device’s creation almost unheard of. The whole body is made out of one piece of smooth polycarbonate plastic. Since there are no two plastics to snap onto each other, this creates the barrier of inserting the hardware into the device. The manufacturing process can be imagined as building a ship in a bottle. Even the curved glass screen was fit into the body in such a seamless manner to produce zero tolerance between the two surfaces. The 97 holes of the speaker grille were individually drilled, because they were too small to form during the injection molding process. I could go on, but you got the point.

Nokia spent a lot of time and effort on this device, and it's easy to notice

It all shows as well. The moment you hold the device in your hand, it immediately gives you a slap on the face for thinking it’s a Samsung or an Ericsson. The Lumia 800 is quintessentially Nokia.

The Windows Phone 7 OS

This is by far the most underrated operating system on the planet. After seeing how clean, pure and original WP7 looks; it’s hard to think of Android or iOS as having “intuitive” UIs.

Nokia are hailing the Lumia 800 as the first true WP7 phone and it’s hard not to agree. The simplistic design of the Lumia 800 can’t help looking like WP7’s soulmate. Everything swipes and slides in a seamless fashion, without ever coming across any sort of lag. The “Live Tiles” homepage of the OS is a breath of fresh air from the usual widgets and grids of apps. For those of you who aren’t familiar with WP7, Live Tiles is basically two columns of big coloured boxes (tiles), which are shortcuts to applications. And yup, you guessed it, they’re live, meaning they update on the fly and show you notifications about emails, calls and such, straight up on their respective boxes.

The Windows Phone 7 OS easily has the most good looking UI

Nokia have also added a few applications of their own onto the OS. Most interesting of which are the Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps apps. The first offers accurate turn-by-turn navigation for 95 countries for free. To avoid any service or roaming charges, you can also download the maps to the Lumia’s mass storage for offline usage.

We’re probably not going to dine with Roman soldiers, or defend ourselves from the Persian Empire anytime soon. But I hope history goes easy on Nokia and gives them back their crown. I had a soft side for the good old days, when N-series phones were the best phones on the market, period. The Lumia is certainly fit for the job of lifting the company up again. It’s even adequate, Lumia means light. Get it? Nokia’s Lumia? Sigh, nevermind, it’s Friday.

Quick Specs
OS: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
CPU: 1.4GHz Scorpion
Camera: 8MP, 720p video capture
Screen: 3.7” AMOLED
Resolution: 480x800px
Talk Time: 11 Hours