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Review: iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Review

TechJunkeez Gear | October 2011

The online world is a cruel world. A world that is filled with ill informed and immature people who offer irrational opinions and in turn affect the readers into succumbing to their belief or judgment. Ahead of the iPhone 4Sí announcement, the internet started churning out countless rumors about Appleís next iteration of arguably their most hyped product. After the announcement, people reading headlines about the new product started showing discontent just because they didnít see the number ď5Ē there. Everyone was ready to do away with their current models and get their hands on the next model that was supposed to wash the dishes, walk your dog and mow the lawn.

Iíd like everyone to come back down to earth for a second. The iPhone 4 was an amazing device in itself, and it would still beat off most of the competition out there even after a year since its release.

The iPhone 4S is the best update that the iPhone 4 could ever get.

Still looking good


The iPhone 4S is visually identical to last yearís model, which is not necessarily a bad thing. All the materials used on the device scream high quality. Even a year after the designís original release, itís still one of the most elegant and good looking devices on the market. The screen size and resolution are maintained.


This is where the iPhone 4S outshines the iPhone 4. The lightening fast A5 dual core chip blazes through all tasks without breaking a sweat. The operating system itself is much snappier than before. Applications load faster, so do webpages. The app store has yet to have applications that are specifically made for the iPhone 4Sí power, but from what Apple suggested, we should be expecting miracles from developers.

Infinity blade II is one of the apps that will display the A5's power

The reception problem that plagued the previous model has been fixed. The so called ďDeath GripĒ is no longer a problem. The iPhone 4S has two antennas and it switches between them on the fly to ensure you get the best reception no matter how you hold the phone. Another advantage to this design is that the iPhone 4S can have download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps as opposed to the previous modelís 7.2 Mbps. But its unlikely that you will reach those speeds as it all depends on the service of your cell phone carrier.

Arguably the best hardware addition to the iPhone 4S is the new 8 megapixel camera. If you thought the iPhone 4ís camera was awesome, this one will blow you away. It literally puts some standalone digital cameras to shame. But the extra megapixels arenít the only thing that make it standout. Apple have added new optics and a CMOS sensor. The result is perfect colour balanced pictures that are so sharp, its really hard to believe that its coming from a phoneís camera.

iPhone 4S camera sample. Click on the image to see it in higher resolution.

Another addition to the camera is 1080p full HD video recording. This was made possible with the power of the A5 processor.

In general, photos and videos captured by the 4S offer much truer colours and sharpness than the camera on the iPhone 4. Itís something youíll probably have to see with your own eyes to fully appreciate.

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